Public lands belong to everyone, and that means we have a say in how they are managed. People across Oregon are speaking up for Crater Lake Wilderness as an enduring part of our natural heritage. Here’s what your neighbors are saying.

Crater Lake is worth protecting forever, both within and around the park boundaries, and Wilderness designation is the best way to do that. This place has inspired visitors for thousands of years; we have an opportunity now to make sure it stays that way for generations to come. Crater Lake is a forever place – keep it wild. - Rob Smith, Northwest Regional Director
National Parks Conservation Association
Great Old Broads for Wilderness is a national organization that engages and ignites the activism of elders to preserve and protect wilderness and wild lands. Today, our staff and more than 5,000 members and supporters, including 30 Broadband Chapters across the United States, are writing to request Wilderness protection for Oregon’s natural treasure, Crater Lake. This designation would protect clean drinking water, wildlife habitat, world-class recreation and help fulfill Oregonian’s unique role to combat climate change through preserving significant carbon capturing forests. - Rynda Clark, Bitterbrush Broadband in Bend  
Great Old Broads for Wilderness
Canoa Sport is a kayak club and rental company new to Roseburg, and thankful for the abundance of beautiful rivers and other waterways the region has to offer. Crater Lake Wilderness would safe-guard the river system we have grown to love and rely on for our business. - Sydney Craft, Owner
Canoa Sport, Roseburg
My top reason to support the Crater Lake Wilderness would have to be protecting the great wilderness values of not only the renowned lake and rim and all the wild lands within the National Park boundaries, but also the outstanding associated areas outside the park that can ensure the wildlife, water quality and recreational values we associate with the park can be sustained. - Steve Miller, Owner
Miller's Furniture Restoration, Coos Bay
Crater Lake (NP) is the crown jewel in the Oregon Cascades and our most iconic symbol of the wild places which make Oregon the special place we all love. Let’s all help to make it even more unique by working to save the surrounding lands for future generations to enjoy and recreate within. Crater Lake is deserving of our best vision of Oregon becoming one of the the most special places on earth. Let’s work together for that now! - Kirk Richardson, Chief Executive Officer
KEEN Footwear
Many of our customers moved here for the natural beauty and quality of life our region offers. We believe in a future where our energy is renewable and our pristine wild places are protected.  Protecting the Crater Lake Wilderness will assure our children and our children’s children will enjoy them for years to come. -David Longthorne, Owner  
Newcastle Solar, Roseburg