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What do places like Yosemite, Zion, and Joshua Tree National Park have the Crater Lake doesn’t?

Sunrise at Crater Lake National Park. Photo by Jim Maloney

Sunrise at Crater Lake National Park. Photo by Jim Maloney

Wilderness protection!

Crater Lake is one of a few national parks in the Western United States that is not designated Wilderness. This protection would ensure our state treasure continues to provide world class scenery, wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities for generations to come.

Crater Lake and the surrounding backcountry needs Wilderness protection now more than ever. With looming threats like logging proposals, noisy helicopter tours, and off-road ATV use, Crater Lake needs our support.

Sign our petition and let our elected officials know that it’s time to give our state icon the permanent protection it deserves.

Dear Senators Wyden, Merkley and Representatives DeFazio and Walden,

I believe Oregon can and should do better to protect our roadless forests. On the eve of the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act, I ask you to expand protections for our natural treasures. With looming logging and reckless development schemes, Crater Lake and the surrounding wildlands need protection today. These forests contribute to our clean drinking water, recreational opportunities, and pristine wildlife habitat that should be protected for future generations.