Protect An Oregon Wonder

Join people across Oregon and beyond to protect this astounding landscape as Wilderness, so that today’s and future public can enjoy the natural heritage we have inherited today. Help keep this pristine location inspiring by signing the Crater Lake Wilderness proposal!

Crater Lake and its surrounding wildlands have inspired people for generations, as it provides the postcard image encapsulating Oregon’s natural beauty, heritage and commitment to conservation. The natural beauty of Crater Lake extends far beyond Wizard Island and the caldera. It includes spectacular roadless lands inside and outside of the official boundaries of the park, including the Pumice Desert, the craggy spires and wild forests of Mount Thielsen, the rugged back country of Mount Bailey, and the headwaters of the Rogue and Umpqua rivers. But despite the popularity of this state icon, Crater Lake is not protected Wilderness.

CraterLake.Imnadze Svitlana

Sunset at the rim. Photo by Imnadze Svitlana

Crater Lake and the surrounding backcountry needs Wilderness protection now more than ever. With looming threats like logging proposals, noisy helicopter tours, off-road ATV use, and climate change, Crater Lake needs our support. To combat misguided logging projects and the threat of noisy motorized use over the National Park, Wilderness protection is needed.

Wilderness designation is the highest standard when it comes to protecting America’s public lands. Conservationists and the National Park Service have long argued that Crater Lake and its surrounding wildlands deserve Wilderness status. Our proposal would protect 500,000 acres both within and outside the Park boundaries. This would create a 90-mile protected corridor of habitat with very few disturbances along the southern Cascades. This corridor will be critical for wildlife as they adjust to climate change. The proposal would not affect any of the existing access roads within the park or the lodge. An interactive map of the proposal can be found below.

Not only does Wilderness mean natural wildlands, but also good business! Every year, Crater Lake National Park attracts half a million visitors who come to gaze into its pure, clean water, to marvel at its unique geology, and to explore its rugged backcountry. See a list of businesses from all across the state that support the Crater Lake Wilderness proposal.

Map of Proposed Crater Lake Wilderness

(Map may load slowly)
Dark Green = Potential Wilderness
Light Purple = Already Protected Wilderness
Click here for a pdf map