A Threatened Landscape

The Crater Lake region draws millions of visitors every year who come to marvel at the crystal blue waters inside the park, fish the iconic North Umpqua River, or hike along the Rogue River Trail. Despite the growing popularity, persistent threats continue to put this landscape and all of the life dependent on it at risk. From numerous misguided logging projects looming up to the park boundary, to ongoing development and damaging off highway motorized use, this region is under attack.

We inherited this natural treasure in its current state not by chance, but because throughout history Oregonians have stood up to defend this landscape. The torch has now been passed to finish the job and permanently protect this gem for future generations.

The Crater Lake Wilderness proposal would protect the best of what remains, safeguarding watersheds, imperiled roadless pockets and wildlife habitat so that the Crater Lake we know today is what we hand to our grandchildren.

A mule deer foraging in the Ponderosa Pine forests of Eastern Oregon near La Pine.

A mule deer foraging in the Ponderosa Pine. Photo by Brett Cole