Towering ancient forests. Roaring rivers. Wildlife refuge. World class recreation.

These are just some of the themes conjured up by the Crater Lake region. This landscape is the nexus of Oregon’s ecosystems, connecting the high deserts of the east with lush forest lands of the west, the Cascades to the north and the Klamath-Siskiyous to the south.

The natural beauty and wonders of Crater Lake extend far beyond Wizard Island and the caldera. It includes a spectacular diversity of wildlands inside and outside the official boundaries of the park, including the Pumice Desert, the slopes of Mount Thielsen, the rugged back country of Mount Bailey and the headwaters of the Rogue, Deshutes, Umpqua, Willamette and Klamath rivers.

Clean water, fish and wildlife habitat, carbon capturing forests, recreational opportunities and the economic benefits provided by these qualities must be preserved for future generations. Right now, people across Oregon and beyond are joining together to protect much of this astounding landscape, so that future generations can enjoy the natural heritage we have inherited today.

Find out more about the Crater Lake Wilderness proposal in this fact sheet.

  • Protect An Oregon Wonder

    Join people across Oregon and beyond to protect this astounding landscape as Wilderness, so that today’s and future public can enjoy the natural heritage we have inherited today. Help keep…

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